The Play Institute is a platform for artistic research on play and games and their artistic, participatory and performative possibilities.

The games available on the site can be accessed, retrieved, modified, played anywhere on the condition that they continue to be distributed in the same way, keeping access free.
Copyleft (c) 2023 Super Serios.

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The Play Institute was initiated in 2023 by the Super:Serios collective and the artist Maria Mandea with the support of the Accelerator program developed by the GAEP gallery in Bucharest.

The Institute builds on Super:Serios' experience in the field of urban games and research work in the field of play as an artistic medium (Maria Mandea, Super:Serios, has a PhD in Design for Play) and in related, interdisciplinary fields (Teodora Ungureanu, Super:Serios, has a PhD in Urbanism).

Thanks to all those who made the Play Institute possible and to those who will support its development.