Far to Close

Players: 4
Time: 15-30 min.

How to draw it?

  • start with a 5x5m square
  • divide each side into 7 equal parts
  • start by drawing the squares in the corners (marked x)
  • continue drawing squares and rectangles, from the edges inwards


  • each of you take a square in the corner
  • there are 2 teams consisting of 2 players in diagonal to each other
  • you're in a city that you move through
  • you have to cross town and switch places with your teammate
  • How you move:
        •one rectangle at a time

        •by jumping from one metro to another (the squares with a marked M) 
  • When you move around a rectangle, tell what part of town you're in and what's going on around you.
  • Draw on the ground to identify the place laterY
  • ou cannot be less than one square away from another player. Use this to block others.


How do you win?

The game ends when one team has swapped places (each has reached the other's starting box).

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Far to Close / Aproape Departe


You go outside, grab a pretzel, or meet a friend, you find a black cat, or it starts raining, you grab a drink at a local bar, or ...

Living in a city usually brings along a set of day to day decisions that can sometimes lead to entirely unexpected experiences. The game makes the players explore together the different directions and stories that compose a city.


Team: Maria Mandea, Teodora Ungureanu, Sebastian Comănescu

Far to Close has been developed within LIFE LONG BURNING 2020, at WASP Working Art Space and Production.
Producer: 4Culture Association
Co-producer: WASP Studios
Foto: Vlad Dinu, Didi Elena