System in the Room

Players: 2-10
Time: from 15 min. to as much time as you have

How to draw it?

  • start with a 5x5m square
  • a square rounded to 1 m inside
  • divide the formed channel into 17 boxes
  • in each box write one of the 17 housing issues: legislation, population, existing housing stock, local development plans, migration, new families, homeless families, misused housing, dilapidated housing, demolitions, new housing needs, initial deficit, legislation, income, types of apartments, traditions, environmental conditions, location of residential areas.

You'll also need a piece of chalk.
What do you draw with?


  • set an order to start. First gets the piece of chalk
  • throw chalk on one of the boxes and move there
  • present the problem you're on and find another one that relates
  • move there by marking the route with chalk on the ground
  • the other players take turns repeating the same steps
  • when it is the first player's turn, he will have to choose a box again and link it to the one he is on. he has to justify his choice.
  • if there is already someone in the linked mailbox they should talk together
  • the game continues by discussing the links found

How to win?

There is no one way to win the game. The game continues as the debate develops.

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System in the Room


System in the Room is a game installation on urban housing mechanisms and relations. It is based on the book “The systems of spatial planning” (1980) written by mathematician Mihai Botez and architect Mariana Celac. The game aims to reinterpret these ideas in a contemporary context using playful and participatory methods.The players explore relations between urban planning concepts using their bodies, by moving through the room, from one red tile to another. In the original game, each concept is further developed through interactive illustrations on the walls. The illustrations, based on other urban planning works from the same period, can be explored using a red filter (available on-site or through an Augmented Reality filter).


Team: Maria Mandea, arh. Teodora Ungureanu, arh. Anca Băduț

Presented at Simultan Festival #15: UNSEEN, Comenduirea Garnizoanei, Timișoara

Part of Utopian Cities, Programmed Societies